Very happy with my new WiiU

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3 years ago#1
Just bought the Wind Waker WiiU edition this past Tuesday and I've actually been playing it today(been working all week)

I had a wii u earlier this year but ended up selling it because I just wasn't enjoying it. I'm a Nintendo fan at heart , but just wanted more games to play. Looking to pick up zombiu on eBay for about $15. And I also go the Luigi game.
Just thought I'd share, but I think the system is finally going to pick up.
3 years ago#2
ZombiU will make you soil your shorts, just a heads up ;)

3 years ago#3
I'm downloading the demo right now lol
3 years ago#4
Wonderful 101 needs more love!

And yeah, Zombi U is freakin amazing as long as you are a fan of true survival horror games.
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