Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze has less worlds than DKC Returns

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Meinhard1 posted...
As has already been stated, it's definitely possible for there to be more than one theme per island.
There are so many unknowns with this game. Wish Nintendo would stop being so hushed and give us some details! :P

This, we know nothing people, get that in your heads
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Having less worlds doesn't determine the quality of a game. Nor does it determine it'll be shorter than DKCR. Banjo-Tooie had one less world than Banjo-Kazooie but it takes longer to complete due to the puzzles being more complex and you couldn't get all the jigsaw pieces during the first visit to the worlds(with the exception of Cloud Cuckooland).
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TrstTheLord posted...
There could be a hidden 7th world in the game. It wouldn't be the first time for the DKC franchise

Aye. Ala DKC 2 and 3.
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imamelia posted...

Surprised it took as many posts as it did for this to come up. Then again, it's a much more commonly overlooked issue.
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