You know what would dramatically boost Wii U sales?

#31dorsman84Posted 10/16/2013 1:28:52 PM
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To dramatically boost Wii U Sales, create bundles: a red WiiU with Mario3d world and a blue WiiU with Sonic.
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dorsman84 posted...


People will blindly argue <insert illogical argument>, but for those of us who have other financial responsibilities I can not justify spending the money on a Wii U when there are few, if any, games that I really want.
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VanderZoo posted...
(because I'm an adult and Pokemon was hip 13 years ago)

Excuse me sir. I, and many others, are adults who quite enjoy Pokemon. And considering rain of praise that X and Y are getting, Pokemon is still relatively hip.
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CubeTV posted...
To the person who said "Pokémon should stay to handhelds only". Well, the 3DS is receiving one of the few "must have" Wii U games (Smash Bros.). The Wii U just can not catch a break with it's original games.

That's more due to the simple fact that home consoles have become secondary to handheld consoles. Even the Vita looks more promising than the PS4.