ITT: Hypothetically I'm president of Nintendo and I decide to buy SEGA

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I would hate you
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NickTheBlitz posted...

Phantasy Star V kind of can't really happen, anyways. Phantasy Star IV ended on far too a high note to justify a sequel (read: they killed evil itself). I guess Phantasy Star V could work as a prequel, and maybe a reboot... as long as it isn't a terribad reboot like Lords of Shadow or DmC.

From what I heard they have the old writing from the Saturn era about where PSV would go. The main issue would be dredging it up to write a new plot from there. Sega had decided to scrap it/set it aside in favor of PSO. When PSO was a success they never went back to it. It's probably outdated now, but it would show what direction they were planning.