Face it, Metroid doesn't sell as much as it used to...

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sonic777 posted...
Face it Second_Hokage, you will never be as great as First_Hokage.

lol yes
#12Darth GeckoPosted 10/7/2013 5:20:37 PM
Other M felt like Metroid for Sony gamers.
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Darth Gecko posted...
Other M felt like Metroid for Sony gamers.

Hehe. bewbs and submissive women behind those bewbs.
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sonic777 posted...
Face it Second_Hokage, you will never be as great as First_Hokage.

I don't think that account name exists, so there can't be any comparison :P
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News flash TC! Miyamoto has recently said in an interview that Metroid is still very important to Nintendo and they are currently working on what the next game could be. He also said Retro studios are high on the list of possible candidates to develop the next Metroid.

Here's the link

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vidalmoraza posted...
Metroid does not sell that much, the best selling Metroid game is Metroid Prime, and it sold aprox 3 millions worldwide....

Still is my favorite Nintendo series...

That's almost as many copies as most PS3 exclusives, on a third as many consoles.
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And really, there's more Metroid fans than ever before thanks to the free Metroid Fusion, Metroid and (basically free) Super Metroid. Not to mention Nintendo Land recognition. I feel one coming.
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It would shift more sales if it showed more zero suit Samus.
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Not a fan of 3D shooters in general. Now, a 2D shooter I might actually buy.
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#20Bahamut_10thPosted 10/7/2013 8:09:56 PM
"As it used to"... Do you even know how much it USED to sell?

Before Prime, Metroid didn't sell that big. Other M might be hated, but it didn't sell as "bad" as pre-Prime Metroid games.

Stop talking like it's been ages since the last Prime.
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