Hands down the most beautiful and greatest news about Mario 3D World

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Kart_Krazy posted...
Man, this should've been a STANDARD for Wii games.
Pretty awesome. Now I'm even more hyped up for 3D World. Thanks for sharing.

I agree. I loved Wii games like Brawl and Naruto CoNR1-3 that let you use literally everything, including Gamecube. Oh and Mario Kart Wii, too.

The problem with Wii and Wii U as far as controllers go, is devs dont try hard enough to support ALL controllers. No More Heroes 2 COULD have supported GC controllers but it didnt. CC was good, but more options never hurts.

And dont get me started on NSMB. At least Rayman Origins and Legends did it right. Well Origins didnt let you use GC, so I guess it didnt do it right either.
You know the gaming industry is **** when the biggest announcement is that a console can play used games and won't totally screw you over.
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Sweet! 3d World supports all the control types.

btw, NSMB was never great in the first place, so 3DW being better is pretty easy to accomplish. Cant wait to play it next month.
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