Backwards compatibility killing third party support?

#11SyCo_VeNoMPosted 10/9/2013 9:10:51 PM
ORANGE666 posted...

Nintendo could easily have avoided this by ditching Wii support, and going with X86 hardware. The result would be much more third party support, because of ease of development on that platform and easy to port games from PS4 and XOne.

You do know the Wii U's processor designing more then likely started before the Wii even launched as it takes years to customize a processor, and other chips as heavily as Nintendo does as most experts in the industry still can't make out what the majority of the hardware was based off of after a year of it being out. Sony and MS on the other hand took the easy way out and bought some AMD parts that were pre-designed, and mildly tweaked em so their development time was drastically shorter as they didn't have 1/10th the work to do.

So saying Nintendo knew that MS and Sony would go x86 prior to designing the Wii U is extremely unlikely as the Wii U I would guess was in its internal testing phase before MS, and sony even started work on their things.