Would you be ok with a "futuristic" setting for Zelda game on Wii U?

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It's pretty clear that a Zelda game will be futuristic with the "ancient" technology introduced in skyward sword with all of the time stones, robots, mining facilities etc.... hell Fi was basically an advanced AI. I can only imagine they will do something insane like final fantasy 8's time compression, and combine the 3 timelines and send the master sword back into the past or something weird like that.


Hell I wouldn't mind seeing and playing through that kind of Zelda game, dig the idea of merging all 3 timelines back into one in the future! :-D

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I want Zelda U to use an improved version of TP's artsyle. Like the tech demo a few years ago.

I'd be fine with a slight steampunk influence though. It'll still be better than SS' horrible artstyle.

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There is already a futuristic Zelda. It's called Metroid.

Um, even if Zelda became futuristic, it wouldn't be a thing like Metroid.