PETA makes new Pokemon parody, thinks Nintendo is ridiculous for releasing two v

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Science's official stance is that nearly all invertebrates and most fish cannot experience pain, therefore cannot suffer, therefore cannot be abused. So Roaches will not fall on PETA's radar, because you cannot treat them unethically.

To understand more you can research it, but basically what we perceive as an invertebrate or fish in pain is just reflex and stimulus response. An oft cited example is that if you break a bugs leg it will still put full weight on it when walking.

This is also why you can use fish hooks and pesticides that would be horribly unethical if the animals could actually feel pain.

I super disagree with science on this topic, as well as a few others
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PETA is so backwards. They're like the people who target Disney princesses for being sexist while ignoring Jersey Shore playing on the next channel.

I can't say I agree with how animals are used in our culture, but that's not to say I agree with PETA.
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Kind of hard to complain about the 'horror' of Pokemon when their organization euthanized almost all dogs and cats they took in.
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Guess they ran out of stuff to kill and got bored
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Once again, PETA struggles to stay relevant.
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GodofLaziness posted...
DougyB posted...
I never understood how they think violence, or promoting violence, towards people helps their cause of preventing "violence" directed at animals. That seems a little hypocritical.

And WTF, is that Grimace?

Seriously I was going to ask about that lol. Is that purple creature Grimace? How is he a Pokemon?

Apparently this is being crossed over with Mc Donalds... wrap your head around that one
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Next they'll go after Super Mario 3D World for using cat suits. Remember the tanooki stuff they did two years ago?
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ThatKipp posted...
Next they'll go after Super Mario 3D World for using cat suits. Remember the tanooki stuff they did two years ago?

I just asked myself that same question what will PETA (if anything) do when Mario 3D World comes if out.
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When they start actually trying to save animals instead of euthanizing them, maybe I'll care about what they say. Until then, my caring level is at 1. Out of 100.
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The only thing I care about PETA is the stuff they do next, since it makes me laugh a lot.
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