Link needs to have a Brother

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3 years ago#1
Throughout the games, Link has had various family members.

He has had a Father who has only appeared in the comics.

He has had a Mother in Ocarina of Time.

He has had an Uncle in Link to the Past.

He has had a Grandmother and a Sister in Wind Waker.

He has had a Grandfather in the Minish Cap.

As you can see, Link has never had a Brother.

I think it would be very interesting for Link to have a brother. He has had a sister so I don't see why not. He could be an interesting character as I wonder how a brother of Link would look like and behave. They could be the Link brothers or something. The brother could be younger or older than Link. How would an older brother behave if he were to find out that his younger brother, Link, is the reincarnation of the Hero's Spirit. How would a younger brother act towards Link?

I think it is time for Link to have a brother. Maybe for the Wii U Zelda game.

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3 years ago#2

It's always a different Link (same soul?). Why would it matter?
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3 years ago#3
He does. His name is Tingle.
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3 years ago#4
Link's brother turns out to be Sabertooth who turns out to be Ganon.

Also we learn Link's true name.
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3 years ago#5
FC is 4038-6283-8425
3 years ago#6
FC is 4038-6283-8425
3 years ago#7
Bump Bumpity.
FC is 4038-6283-8425
3 years ago#8
Stop bumping! No one cares!
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3 years ago#9
i like this idea.

But he would inevitably have to be the jealous/revenge type of brother.....
3 years ago#10
Link already has a brother.

His name is Lunk.
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