Fire Emblem Awakening port on Wii U would make it a huge system seller.

#1xenosaga123Posted 10/18/2013 6:44:23 AM
it's kind of insane some of Nintendo's best games are only on the 3DS and not brought to the Wii U. That's like if Dragon's Crown was only released on Vita while ignoring the PS3. Wii U could definitely get much more sales and a quality Fire Emblem Awakening port would be a great start.

Videogames are always better and more immersive on console compared to portable. And Nintendo founded its success through console gaming.

Portables only sell big because most people that buy them aren't gamers and just looking for something to briefly play while they are out and about. But the foundation of the industry and Nintendo's success is with the console library of games, so having 3DS soak up some/most of the best games, without sharing to Wii U, is not smart business.
#2uneedtowakeupPosted 10/18/2013 6:45:27 AM
Hey man did u hear the news...........Sonic Lost World got a bad IGN score?