Wii U owners if you buy a second next gen console which will it be?

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hotmarx posted...
NovaeGamer posted...
IF (and that's still a very big if) I buy any, it will be PS4....but this is at least 2 years in the future

Same here.

I'm mostly in the same boat, but I'm leaning more saving up for a beautiful gaming PC...
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But... 2nd next gen? Wii U isnt next gen, its barely up to PS3/360 levels.
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Gogo726 posted...
It's always been Nintendo first then Sony.

Never had a PS, but had N64
Bought a Game Cube, then later bought a PS2, never got an X Box
Bought a DS, then later bought a PSP
Bought a Wii, then eventually bought a PS3, then finally a 360
Bought a 3DS, might consider a Vita at some point
Bought a Wii U, might consider PS4, not interested in XBone.

That, almost exactly, just reverse the PS1 and N64, though I'd like to mention that I only got a 360 last month, for Tales of Vesperia and Blue Dragon, and I've yet to play it.
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Would get a new PC before I got a new console
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