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3 years ago#11
this episode made me laugh so much i cried, especially the yoshi part lol can't wait for part 2
UK Female Gamer
3 years ago#12
Wow. Mario is evil.

I love the way mario punch Yoshi to make it tongue extend out. :)
3 years ago#13
That was a very well done theory. I hadn't noticed how mean Mario is to Luigi that last clip really sunk in :S lol. I wonder if he's going to mention Mario's cheating on his girlfriend(s) in part 2.
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3 years ago#14
supermoc10 posted...
Motobug321 posted...
Hehe, I watched this video a couple minutes ago. Funny stuff.

Yeah, Game Theory is one of my favorite shows on the internet. It's funny and you also learn a lot of stuff.

It's kinda hit or miss, IMO. But this one is really funny. As for Mario hitting Yoshi... he's not hitting him, he's putting his hand forward to tell Yoshi to 'charge!'

But the DK ones and Mario Tennis one do show he can be pretty sadistic.
Read the mania:
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3 years ago#15
The only good part of this was the fact that Yoshi flinches for one frame before getting punched in the back of the head. That was a cool discovery. The rest was all obvious / dumb. - Watch me beat "NES Rampart" - My backloggery
3 years ago#16
WTF at Mario's Power Tennis. Jeez...
3 years ago#17
Game Theory isn't meant to be a comedy show. It's foremost a show that analyzes various aspects about video games. MatPat himself once jokingly commented that he doesn't like the humor of his show.
3 years ago#18
Part 2 is up.
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3 years ago#19
"I want to see more of Lugoves' posts. That *%$# cracks me up." - mrvercetti
3 years ago#20
unitedpros posted...
Wow. Mario is evil.

I love the way mario punch Yoshi to make it tongue extend out. :)

Mario didn't punch yoshi, he pointed forward.
The zoomed in image shows that.
And you only throw Yoshi in a pit if you want.

Edit:There's someone from gamefaqs commenting.
Nicholas Schuette 4 minutes ago

MattPatt, you have successfully enraged a good 90% of Nintendrones on Youtube.

I love you.

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