How can we save the wiiU?

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everyone who has purchased one should purchase another one
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smash66 posted...
We, the nintendo fan
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uneedtowakeup posted...
There is NOTHING you or anyone here can do.

Wii U will never do well, it was obvious right from the beginning.

Still I didn't think it would do this bad.

Don't be so pessimistic.
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As a gamer all you can do is buy the system and games. Anything else is up to and on Nintendo for the most part and other games developers that may put their games on the system.
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Ugh this board has now gone full Pony. Go troll somewhere else.
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You can start by saving your breath.
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What's up with the haters? We're having a wonderful and constructive conversation. And here they are starting to flame the topic.
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Nintendo has a back catalogue of many games that if released would make the Wii U back in the charts, especially the ones that never made it outside of japan or had a limited release (look the EarthBound and its huge sales). Im not sure why they arent releasing thier old content, but they should be fine, there just having a slightly rough start. The 3DS had the same and now its a bigger seller then the PS3 and 360. The Wii U is safe, it might not be the most popular next gen console, but with Nintendo, it will survive.
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Avirosb posted...
smash66 posted...
We, the nintendo fan

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