Super Mario Sunshine is an amazing game

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User Info: VanderZoo

3 years ago#11
I preferred it to Galaxy.
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User Info: StarmanJunior

3 years ago#12
Idunno I remember really loving it the first time I played it, then really hating it after realizing how much it was lacking, then back to "liking" it which is the sort of general opinion I have on it now. Last playthrough I enjoyed myself, but I still have these legitimate complaints:

-Lack of levels. Using the vacation theme as an excuse is not valid. There are a million excuses as to how they could've included sky levels, underground temples, etc.
-Red coin challenges. In SM64 there was one per level and then the bonus areas. In SMS there is one 4 times in each level plus bonus areas. Think that's enough?
-Blue coin challenges. Having a fetch quest in a Mario game was as mundane as it gets. Something that I've never bothered to 100% because...well why.
-Shadow Mario chases. Again, they are pretty repetitive after doing it EVERY level plus every time you get a new item.
-Reoccuring boss fights. Not SO bad but fighting Petey twice in the first level and fighting Blooper in the second level twice was a bit uninspired.
-The chucksters. Fire whoever came up with that one.
-The fact that the extra content didn't even matter unless you were 100%ing the game, as you only had to beat the first 7 objectives in each level to finish the game.

Now then, that's what I think made the game a tad on the mediocre side. However the changes they made, the retro levels, everything like that...well the stuff they did right, they did right! However, I think an HD remake would be a terrible idea. A sequel however, could be amazing. The concept is great, it just needs more substance.
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User Info: biggerboss777

3 years ago#13
Its a great game and one of my personal favorite mario games but a couple of things already mentioned hold it back from being truly amazing. If Nintendo released an HD version with one or two more worlds to lessen the blue coin hunting I would buy it in a heartbeat!

I love how the first couple missions in each world usually have a sense of progression and the bosses in sunshine>>>>>galaxy 1,2, and Mario 64 bosses...... Dat manta ray!

User Info: fon1988

3 years ago#14
RemixDeluxe posted...
StarmanJunior posted...
You can't inb4 your own topic

well I just did. Would you mind sticking to the topic at least.

Do you like the game? hate it? Say something about it.

I inb4 my own topics all the time so no one can say the dumb things I know they'll say.

On topic though, I love Super Mario Sunshine. It's easily one of my favorite Mario games of all time. It has a certain charm to it that has not been matched since.

Exploring Isle Delfino and collecting Shine Sprites made the Gamecube one of my favorite video game consoles.
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User Info: huyi

3 years ago#15
I've been playing it again on my original wii, its still a golden game, never get bored of it :)
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