What are your top five favorite game systems of all time....

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User Info: vectorman5

3 years ago#11
My personal list:
5: Xbox 360/N64 tie
4: Atari 2600
3: snes
2: NES
1: Genesis/ Mega Drive

Honorable mention to PS2, which I'd give 6th.
If the Sega Master System was a speed bump to the NES, the Atari 7800 was a tire-staining squirrel.

User Info: moogle69

3 years ago#12
1. PS3 - Final Fantasy XHD/Kingdom Hearts 2.5HDremix
2. Wii - Super Mario Galaxy/2
3. 3DS - Mario Kart 7
4. DS - Castlevanaia Dawn Of Sorrow
5. Wii U - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker/Wonderful 101
6. PSP - YSseven/Dissidia 012
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User Info: hotmarx

3 years ago#13
SNES ... too many to list

NES ... too many to list

Dreamcast ... Shenmue

PS2 ... Fatal Frame

PS1 ... Silent Hill
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User Info: FreedomOfTought

3 years ago#14
1- SNES Link to the Past - best game ever imho, most impressing system for it's time, it blew me away

2- NES SMB3 - it's kind of the obvious choice, but there's so many i fondly remember, Castlevania I & II, Metroid, Tennis, Ninja Gaiden, both Zeldas...list could go on and on, it beat SNES for the "memory lane" factor but SNES was just so much better

3- N64 Super Mario 64 - my dad bought me a Jap N64 4 months before it came out here in europe with SM64, oh god the tears...

4- PSX Resident Evil - me and 3 friends spent over a month playing it everyday after school in the dark, it's kinda ironic but this single player only game to this day is my best multy-player experience ever.Also worth mentioning SF Alpha 2, Breath of Fire 3, Alundra, FF VII - VIII - IX

5- WII Xenoblade Chronicles/Mario Galaxy - The system that kinda brought me back to gaming after i lost interest in it for a couple years, seemed different enough to deserve a try and the sparkle light up again, i was probably just fed up for playing to much
NNID : SixSeasonAndWiiU

User Info: demesjos2

3 years ago#15
1.) PS2 way too many games to love
2.) PS1 xenogears, ff7-9 and so many other RPGs
3.) SNES I wish I never sold my carts. So expensive now to rebuy
4.) DS - pokemon
5.) GameCube. Re remake, skies or Arcadia legends, pikmin ect
Currently playing - SMT IV, Suikoden V, waiting on Tales of Xilia to arrive at my door

User Info: HermeticJustice

3 years ago#16
SNES - Final Fantasy VI
DS - Pokemon Black 2
Gameboy Advance - Mega Man Battle Network
Wii - Super Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess or Xenoblade
Gamecube - Super Smash Bros. Melee or Metroid Prime

Honourable mentions too:

PS3 - Assassins Creed II
PS2 - Kingdom Hearts II

Soon to be added to the list

Wii U - probably Super Mario 3D World
3DS - probablyShin Megami Tensei IV
Currently Watching:
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User Info: Nova_Castings

3 years ago#17
SNES - EarthBound
PS2 - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
GBA - Final Fantasy V Advance
PSP - Dissidia 012
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
~Nova Castings
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User Info: KillerKidner

3 years ago#18
SNES - Super Mario Kart
N64 - TLOZ: Ocarina of Time
Gamecube - Resident Evil
PS2 - Shadow of the Colossus
Megadrive - Streets of Rage 2
Currently Playing: - Phantasy Star Collection (PS3) - GBA, TMHT IV: Turtles in Time - SNES, Tomb Raider - PS1 and Nintendoland - Wii-U

User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#19
Gamecube- Resident Evil Series
Wii - Call of Duty Series
Gameboy Color- Zelda
N64- Zelda
Gameboy Advance-Golden Sun/Castlevania Tie

User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
3 years ago#20
1. PS1 - Metal Gear Solid / Final Fantasy VII
2. N64 - GoldenEye 007 / Ocarina of Time
3. PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 3 / Final Fantasy X
4. NES - Super Mario Bros. 3 / Ninja Turtles II: Arcade Game
5. PC - Portal 2 / Quake II
Playing: Grand Theft Auto V (PS3), Zelda: A Link to the Past (Wii)
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