Should Zelda and some other Nintendo franchises take note from Kid Icarus?

#1TheMisterManGuyPosted 10/23/2013 1:46:48 PM
Kid Icarus: Uprising I felt had a perfect blend of Story and gameplay. What made the story great wasn't just the character interactions and the dialogue. But the story as a whole felt like an old school Shonén manga mixed with a Saturday Morning Cartoon. It's silly, it's epic, it's sometimes dark, and combined with the villans and story arc setup, gave it that feeling of an oldschool Toonami show, and brought Nintendo's trademark style into a new light.

Now I don't think it should be exactly like Uprising, but could Zelda and some of Nintendo's other franchises adopt this style a little? I don't the tongue-in-cheek elements, or the 4th wall jokes, but I could imagine a Zelda game would work well with a kind of Story Arc setup with various villans and several plot twists. Along with wit and humor that KI:U had incorporated into the citizens of Hyrule. It can be a still be a fairly simple story too. Other Nintendo franchises could benefit from this as well like Advance Wars and Star Fox. Fire Emblem has already taken notes from that game, so can it work for most of Nintendo's other franchises?
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