Is the Miiverse community as Doomy-and-gloomy as Gamefaqs?

#71ssjgohhkuPosted 10/28/2013 2:37:36 AM
mcsmellington posted...
Miiverse isn't doom and gloom. It's a place where logic doesn't exist and Nintendo can do no wrong.

Sounds like heaven to me.
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"Is the Miiverse community as Doomy-and-gloomy as Gamefaqs?"

I know... how awful, right? A board for a console that has left some people disappointed, containing threads that aren't all praising, rainbows, gumdrops and hand-holding. The NERVE of some people, right?

Here. **hands you these** -- -- A pair of those, combined with Miiverse... oh, you'll be in heaven.

MushroomMuncher posted...
I just find it funny you all complain about no negativity as a bad thing. lol

It IS a bad thing... what the hell is wrong with you? "lol"... No negativity would mean that everyone is satisfied, and they aren't. A PUBLIC message board is where all opinions from both sides can and should be voiced. Thinking it should be a one-sided affair is just... well, "lol", it's insanely daft. And wildly naive. It demonstrates a general misunderstanding of how the world works.

MushroomMuncher posted...
Putting words in my mouth does not help your case.

Um... who put words in your mouth?

"So you rather have a board where negativity is not allowed and the only thing you are allowed to do is blind praise and worshipping?"
"With people like you around here, yes pretty much."

Ahhh, the victim card... A Wii U board specialty. Also, let's not forget this is probably the softest generation yet... don't worry. I'll continue posting articles in my sig to support this claim, and most of you can continue ignoring it. Par for the course. ;)
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Oops - old link wasn't working. Updated. ;)
The irony of GameFAQs --
The "coddled generation" bit of the week:
#74trenkenPosted 10/28/2013 4:31:53 AM
Its pretty positive because nintendo has an army of mods looking at the messages and deleting negative ones to keep the place clean. They are very fast. I posted that I was disappointed in the earth and wind temples in WW and they deleted it within 15 seconds of me posting it lmao.
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its not all heavily regulated, I commented on this post and it was constructively critical
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