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PSA: eShop Cyber Deals are coming! (11/27-12/2)burningxbridges111/24 4:46PM
42 weeks ago Nintendo stated that they plan on bringing DS games to the Wii U VC
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WickedSickJosh1111/24 4:43PM
Did you know there was an Ezio from Assassin's Creed amiibo?!MGSDizzle511/24 4:41PM
I miss the Mii channels where you could get Miis and vote and suchMBXfilms611/24 4:40PM
How do I mod a fightstick to work on a Wii U?Arfoire411/24 4:39PM
If Paper Mario: TTYD got an HD remake....BalloonBattle05111/24 4:38PM
The one problem I have with Nintendo owning Mega Man and SonicTransdude911/24 4:35PM
Best Buy black Friday deal
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TommyG6635131811/24 4:30PM
Is the Wii U really in last place or is it just a rumor?
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She-Holc3111/24 4:29PM
the next Sonic game should be entirely based off the Chao GardenDuranManII211/24 4:27PM
Rank your top 5 Wii U and top 5 3DS games.
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SmashBro251411/24 4:24PM
Wii U bundles in CanadaThatWasPeachy411/24 4:20PM
Why doesn't Nintendo just buy Sonic?TrueBlue911011/24 4:15PM
Most nostalgic Nintendo game to you?seltraeh22411/24 4:15PM
Remember when the Rayman trophy is Smash Bros 4 was fake? (Closed)segagamer411/24 4:12PM
Why is there so much animosity toward Iwata?DuranManII711/24 4:11PM
"I'm so old school...."
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Stanger515014211/24 4:11PM
would you like to have a HD remake of XenoBlade Chronicles for the Wii U?
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Tellyboi1611/24 4:08PM
Would there someday be a sonic spinoff developed by atlus?
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Snow-Dust1111/24 4:02PM
What Wii games should I get?
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gordanchoong2211/24 3:58PM