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Could Nintendo be going third party soon?
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Bongbuddy597/31 4:05PM
Rate This Game (Week #1): You, Me, And The Cubes [WiiWare]TheMisterManGuy27/31 4:00PM
The wii U keeping outselling the ps4 in the most important place.
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ps4ponyreturns777/31 3:48PM
Is there a time limit of when I need to choose my CN Platinum reward?Godstriker847/31 3:32PM
Is there a way to stop my Wii U from trying to connect to the internet when I
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Breaker127/31 3:32PM
Classic Mega Man game being released every Thursday in August.
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HeikeKagero267/31 3:24PM
Gamers hate innovation
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Da_Geek497/31 3:24PM
Is tropical freeze the best 2d platformer ever?
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ps4ponyreturns227/31 3:23PM
Assassins Creed "Comet"/ "Rogue"Chainsforalice87/31 3:23PM
There is a lack of axe and lance wielding Nintendo characters!ThunderSeal67/31 3:18PM
So, interactive movies?
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UltVictory117/31 3:08PM
How would you feel if a Sword Art Online game was on the Wii U?
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HermeticJustice397/31 2:33PM
Mega Man X Games
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AaronPHughes137/31 2:20PM
Should I grab NES Remix as my platinum reward or wait for NES Remix 1+2 releases (Poll)Duncanwii107/31 2:15PM
Did Nintendo mention any major contributors to their loss this quarter?iKhanic67/31 1:56PM
Should Retro Studios make a Donkey Kong Country 3d platform game for the Wii U?CcXs87/31 1:47PM
Mario &Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games has the best Mario musicColeby17/31 1:38PM
Ok should I get one?Darkstorm1687/31 1:20PM
Nintendo's more "Mature" game aren't actually adult
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TheMisterManGuy267/31 1:05PM
Anyone know why my Wii Classic Controller won't work?OlafPietro47/31 12:56PM