Kyle Bosman calls Mario a goofy lifeless character. Link also boring

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Someone had to say it. It rings true.

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[quote]Kyle Bosman[/quote]

[Wubeth Intensifies]
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The most popular video game reporter on the internet today.

Neo_Heartless posted...
[quote]Kyle Bosman[/quote]


Friends don't let friends be Leaf fans.
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Not discrediting the guy so much as actually curious. Who?

I'll read the article in a sec, not sure how you can have something be goofy AND lifeless. Mario may be sort of one note, but lifeless isn't what I'd call that note. And I'd say Link is as boring as the person playing him. Silent heroes allow for projection, they are as varied as the audience that views them.

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Not to nitpick, but how can someone be "goofy" and "lifeless" at the same time? Acting goofy and silly seems to be the furthest thing from being lifeless.
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I've never heard of any "Kyle Bosman" before. Tell me, why should I listen to him?
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Keep in mind Kyle usually jokes about this stuff for irony points.
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I agree, they're not much in the way of characters, are they? They're essentially just icons at this point, indicators, not characters.
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