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Can we expect Total War: Hyrule from The Creative Assembly?
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gilgamesh211110/1 5:19PM
I feel good about fatal frame getting localized.Hercik1510/1 4:51PM
Monolith Soft's 15th birthday is today!
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UltimateNopon1210/1 4:48PM
Hip new Zombie game coming to the Wii U.
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PS4Warrior1310/1 4:40PM
Looking at all the games I'm going to buy, wii u is greatVoelger610/1 4:35PM
I'm sorry, but with 7 wks to go til SSB/Amiibo, no release date is inexcusable.
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Snoopdawwg221510/1 4:16PM
We are a bit overdue for a non one game-focused direct, aren't we?UltimateNopon210/1 4:04PM
Would you guys be against Nintendo sticking to hardware, but...
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VioletZer06010/1 3:51PM
What's the typical framerate on Wii U games?Boge610/1 3:44PM
Rank this decades Nintendo E3 events.Storrac310/1 3:32PM
Looking for SIMPLE vinyl decals for the Wii U. (Closed)pwnater777310/1 3:16PM
Let Nintendo know which Mario to make next! (Poll)
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Wii_Truth1310/1 3:10PM
When do you think the next Metroid will be announced?Rukumouru310/1 3:04PM
Best Bowser final battle in a 3D Mario game? (Poll)
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fon19884810/1 2:53PM
Rate my Wii-U collection so farSaxon610/1 2:47PM
Would you be okay with a male Zelda? (Poll)
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ThunderSeal2110/1 2:41PM
turned my wii u on and had some end user agreement update thing WHAT
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AceMos2310/1 2:23PM
It sucks that the Wii U isn't getting the upcoming Alien Isolation game ;_;
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gfaqster2710/1 2:19PM
Why doesn't Nintendo market the Wii U like they're marketing Smash Bros.?
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Diayamondo1110/1 2:19PM
More obscure titles you'd love to see released on WiiU VC
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vermilion991410/1 2:17PM