the poll proves that Zelda is the most overrated Nintendo franchise ever.

#81PunkMcThrustPosted 11/2/2013 5:45:40 AM
I've replayed Zelda 1, Ocarina of Time, and 4 Swords Adventures more than I've replayed any Mario game other than Mario 3.
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I bet TC is still buttmad because Nintendo bought out Monolith Soft and now the Xeno games belong to them.
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trenken posted...
I lost interest in Zelda long ago because they just keep rehashing OoT over and over again and have yet to find a way to make the franchise feel fresh. But I still dont think its overrated due to some important advancements in gaming that it introduced, such as saving your progress among many other things, especially with ALTP and OoT. Outside of those 2 games its all forgettable rehashes to me.

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Or maybe people who like other things don't visit GameFAQs.

This site has always had a Nintendo bias. That is nothing new.
#85SkyCrackersPosted 11/2/2013 7:13:59 PM
I'm always baffled at the people who claim that Zelda games are always rehashes. MM and WW did a fantastic job of offering fresh experiences, and SS did a pretty damn good job, too. Zelda games aren't perfect by any means- each game after OOT has had some glaring design flaws that mar an otherwise fantastic game. As much as I love Zelda games, I'm always frustrated by the missed potential.
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