If Nintendo fired Iwata and hired you in his place, what would you do?

#71xbs2034Posted 11/6/2013 1:58:13 PM
3DS I would pretty much keep as is, though perhaps stop with all the hardware revisions for a bit.

On Wii U I would invest heavily in television marketing this holiday season, and clearly mention as the "next generation of games from Nintendo" (to eliminate those who think it is just a Wii add-on). The other thing I would do with the money that Nintendo has in the bank is buy either some companies or ips from companies that are in financial trouble (such as Konami and Capcom), particularly if those franchises have their roots on Nintendo systems, and make sure development studios from all over the world to keep on releasing games on a regular schedule for all audiences.

Finally, as much as they may get hate and they will probably never sell best on Nintendo systems, I think keeping third-party mega-franchises like COD and getting some others such as EA Sports back are crucial, and if need be I would help pay some marketing costs or other DLC deals to make sure those titles are available for Nintendo-only consumers (granted I plan on getting a PS4 mainly for the multi-plats, and I'm sure many buy Nintedo systems just for first party, but I still think it is important to give consumers the option of those titles if they are trying to decide to invest in your platform).