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User Info: HuskeyPuppy

3 years ago#1
i have left over amazon money in my acc from gift-cards and i want to pick up a new wii u game to add to my collection i did the math and after shipping i only have enough for

1 game out of these 3 listed

which should i go for and what plays best on wii u.

Mass Effect 3

Assassin Creed 3

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 wii u edition ?

as for what i like ,
i did enjoy the assassin creed 2 (only assassin creed game i played)

love fighters but tekken makes me angry due to extremely hard bosses and fighting games sorta get repetitive for me / doesn't offer much retail value.

mass effect series.
i played the 1st only to mid game then stopped because i was borrowing it from a friend

never played the 2nd.

played the 3rd opening on my brothers x360 and thought it looked cool.

fyi i don't own any other system so before trolls say get a different game for the system or that game is cheaper on this system i don't wanna hear it. i came here to ask which run's better and may be the better choice or bang for my buck.
for those that have these games state which one i should look into thanks again .
- huskey !

User Info: Evilmonster

3 years ago#2
ME3 is the best game listed, but don't get it if you don't understand the story/have emotion towards the characters.

If you like fighting games then get TTT2

So, if you aren't, your best option is AC3.
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User Info: DisgaeaNut

3 years ago#3
ME3, Tekken, AC3 in that order.

User Info: Mindwipe77

3 years ago#4
hard choice...i'd say ME 3 but if you never beat 1 and never played 2 you'll be missing something from 3, its still a good game regardless but that kinda game you need to play all 3 for the full experience. I didnt likE ac 3, AC 2 and AC 4 are much better, so i'd say tekken but like you say it can be pretty challenging.
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User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#5
Tekken Tag good game.

AC3... IMO not worth $13 (what I paid for it new)

User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#6
Mass Effect 3 is really easy to understand and after playing the trilogy I play it from time to time, it's the best in the series.
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