Did Microsoft copy Nintendo with the monitor for gaming (Gamepad / smartglass )?

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I wouldn't say copy, heavily influenced, yes. And anyone who things otherwise probably also think the existence of Kinnect and Move have nothing to do with the Wii's success with motion gaming.

Move came out first, first demonstrated in 2000.

Guy who invented the Wii Remote didn't even PITCH it to Nintendo until 2001, and they were the last people he even brought it to.

Why did they decline it? Because, at least in Sonys case, they already had the same thing in development in their own labs.

"came out" and prototyped are two different things. Sony clearly didn't think much of the technology since they sat on it for 10 years before releasing a version of it that looks exactly like the Wii controller set up.

Yea seems like nintendo is the one to always take the first step
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Nintendo is the one who copied

And just to elaborate.

They copied Dreamcast.
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I didn't know VMUs had a large colour touch screen and were capable of off-TV play.