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User Info: dbzken

3 years ago#11
Gamepad surround sound is awesome! Way more realistic than my tv. It should be standard for games use tv and the gamepad to really kick in the experience.

User Info: mcsmellington

3 years ago#12
dbzken posted...
Gamepad is a lot less colorful. They cut the color in half to lessen the data transferred from the wii u to the gamepad. Otherwise off-tv is technically impossible at this time. It may also have a warm color.

This is the problem I have. Graphics look fine, but the colour looks really washed out and grey. Quite disappointing really, although I suppose it's not too much of a problem if you're playing something bright like Mario or WWHD
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User Info: RiaanYster

3 years ago#13
The colour comparison with the gamepad and TV is gonna be very dependent on the specific TV and it's settings. I have a samsung which isn't full HD (only ready) but it has a pretty decent display.

Personally I feel the display is awesome on the gamepad, way better than my TV. Wind Waker is one that looks great, but the one that sticks out is COD: BLOPSII. When playing the zombie mode, where everything is quite dark, I've found that I prefer the gamepad as those slight distinctions between dark shades really works well on it.

I must say that the gamepads display has really impressed me, so it seems strange that someone would complain about it.

User Info: HeroC114

3 years ago#14
Skyward Sword on off-TV play Wii mode looks amazing on the GamePad.

I have a Sony TV and games look great on it. Funny, I don't think a Sony console ever was connected to my TV, although I did own a PS3 at one point for Demon's Souls.
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