Eshop title - Anima: Gate Of Memories Update

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The upcoming EShop title Anima: Gate of Memories had a fairly large update last month.

ˇHello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in our current update, but the past month we were really busy with Gate of Memories, and we wanted to do a bigger one this time. The good part is that things are going quite well, and we are happy to have some new visuals to show you of the game progress.

Official Screenshots

These are the first official screenshots from Gate of Memories directly taken from in-game scenes. They are from the first half hour, before you reach the Arcane Tower. Very soon we will do a full gameplay trailer (we wanted to show you them for this update, but we want to be sure to show it in its full potential). We hope that you like them!

New Creatures

The Noth have arrived. Here you have a few screenshots of some of the most grotesque creatures that you will face in Arcane. They are extremely strange entities who consume the existence of everything that they touch. The three versions that we present here are called respectively Angel, Cherubim and Seraph.

Here you can see some animations of the Noth Seraph. When we created this monster, we wanted to try to reflect in its movements its strange and monstrous nature, giving a sense of “uneasiness” the player to see it in action. The result was pretty close to what we wanted, so I can say we’re satisfied. What do you think?

Voice Sample

Here you can see a voice-over video sample with Skyler Davenport work as The Bearer. We just love her voice, and we think that she is going to do a wonderful job.

New Scenery

In the next screenshots you can see a few of the new locations that you will visit through Arcane. They are part of the memories of the inhabitants of the tower, a fragment of their past lives which became the most important places for them. In them you can see a glimpse of The Forgotten Temple, The Endless Plains of The Wake, The Peak of The World and The Labyrinth, four of the places that you will need to surpass to reach the Messengers.

And as always…Thanks for you support. You made possible that, day by day, we get nearer to making Gate of Memories a reality.
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Looks kinda cool. I will buy this.
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Looking forward to this. Anima on Wiiware was pretty lame, but Gate of Memories looks much better.
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#5Bahamut_10thPosted 11/6/2013 3:21:15 PM
Looks very nice.

Looking forward to the finished product.
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Looks nice for an Eshop title. I just hope the gameplay is good too.
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Looking forward to it as well. Here's hopin'!
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I'm looking forward to this game. It looks quite nice.
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This gives me an Order of Ecclesia + Pandora's Tower vibe.
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That creature in the screenshots reminds me of a mech from Xenoblade
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