Are you happy with Nintendo?

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2 years ago#21
3DS is good.

I wish the Wii U used motion controls instead of the tablet gamepad.
2 years ago#22
LifelessBoy posted...
I'm very happy with the 3DS.

WiiU on the other hand... *barfs*

Pretty much sums it up.
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2 years ago#23
I'm happy.
2 years ago#24
This has been my best year for gaming with the Wii U as the dominant platform so yes I am happy. I am getting a ZELDA 3DS XL and I have SMT 4 and FE just waiting to be played.
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2 years ago#25
I think that NIntendo needs a change..they need to do something and they need to evolve or developers are going to continue jumping ship. And may be nice to think that some developers will always be in NIntendo's corner..but that will stop if they stop making money, and you don't need to look hard to see that Nintendo isn't going to turn this around anytime soon.

In my opinion..they need to get out of the console game and they need to focus their attention on making third party games and their handheld systems.
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