Wow, Iwata really understands the game market as a whole.

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Kirby already posted this, but after looking at it a second time, the part in bold stood out to me as an indication of how insightful Iwata really is.

"In terms of how we view our relationship with third-party publishers, I think it is natural that there is a difference between publishers who have the software development resources like Nintendo’s to build a software lineup of their own and publishers who do not. Since former President Yamauchi passed away, I have been considering what he taught us in the end, and his words that the worst thing we can do in entertainment is to follow what others are doing spoke directly to my heart. Following and imitating others is the kind of reasoning that Nintendo tries to avoid the most, and while we certainly do not have a negative attitude toward strengthening our ties with third-party publishers, employing the same methodology as the other manufacturers would only lead to the most simplistic competitive approaches, such as price wars or money-giving that would never end. We would like to take a unique approach of our own and build sustainable relationships with our third-party publishers."

Iwata is actually completely correct in this argument. If Nintendo had made the Wii U a Playstation 4 clone like the XB1, the major way that we would see exclusives coming to consoles is by way of money giving. We already see it with the last gen consoles, and the XB1 and PS4 are seemingly doing the same.

This completely defeats the point of console exclusives, to take full advantage of the hardware that they are on. Back in the day, the Genesis and SNES had very different hardware from one another, and as a result, games looked and felt different on the two. On top of that you had one console with strict 3rd party restrictions.

You could really see a notable difference between consoles until the 7th gen, when Microsoft and Sony both started trying to get the same chips and similar tech in their consoles. And honestly, when you have consoles that are matching one another feature for feature, there really isn't a point for both to exist. Because Sony and Microsoft have this problem of attracting consumers away from what is essentially the same product, they throw money at 3rd party exclusivity to solve the problem.

Nintendo doesn't want to do this, but rather stick with motivating exclusivity by unique hardware differences. I don't think using exclusives as the sole justification for your console to exist is sustainable, and really, your exclusive games won't gain anything from being exclusive, because the hardware isn't special at all.
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