Wii U games in 3D (stereoscopic)

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User Info: rafiiilla

3 years ago#1
Last night, out of pure joy, I started playing WWHD (as usual) and then it came to me "What if I turn on the 3D simulation on my TV?", I have a 59" Samsung Plasma TV...

and Man! do the colors on those games pop out! I have done this very same thing with other videogames (in HD) but none have popped out like the ones I tried yesterday (WW, Rayman, NSMBU, Trine 2)

what other games look great on 3D?
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#2
I love the really colourful games in 3D, my TV has a 3D sim mode as well.

Pikmin 3 is pretty gorgeous with all the colours. It's entertaining to throw old VC games on 3D mode. Never thought that would be a possibility in my gaming room when I was a kid. SNES 3D? lol
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User Info: nonexistinghero

3 years ago#3
...now I have something to try on my 32 inch 3D TV once I get a Wii U and WWHD. Also works fairly well for Xenoblade, by the way.
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User Info: selfdeztruction

3 years ago#4
Nintendo Land, Mass Effect 3, Lego City all look amazing in 3D on my 59" Samsung PN59550D

All my Wii U games look great in 3D BUT the exclusives really POP because of the lighting and shaders that the Wii U uses.

I always use 3D while plaing BLOPS2 and all of my Wii U games.

(on a side note) My 3D glasses require a CR2025 battery that costs $4 each at the store. I bought a 5 pack of lithium CR2025 batteries on ebay for only $1.80.

They were new, sold by a US seller that sells batteries and they are rechargeable (lithium batteries only) via a $10 charger that I bought on ebay.

I was about to buy a few $40 pairs of 3D glasses to replace my 4 pairs BUT I only had to spend $11.80 instead of $160.00 and I was able to keep the 3D glasses that I already have instead of having to upgrade to natively rechargeable 3D glasses.
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