Think there will be a ninty direct this month for games releasing in 2014?

#1thefabregas22Posted 11/7/2013 3:19:36 AM
I'm pretty certain of it, doing something like that just before 3d world would be a good idea and of course Iwata has stated they have more games hidden around, intelligent systems also have a game yet to be revealed for wii u. So this month would be a good time to build up hype for 2014 and onwards.

I also think we'll get another X trailer if this does happen as it was revealed in January, then shown again in june which was 5 months later and we are now 5 months past that so I guess we'll see.
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#2Nin3DSFanPosted 11/7/2013 9:04:54 AM
No. The last one was only last month. Therefore, the next one will be in December.
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