When upgrading a Virtual Console title from Wii mode, does...

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Personally, I think it's fair.

If I buy a DVD, I don't go to publishers complaining that I am entitled to get a Blu-Ray for free, because I have already bought the product. In fact, I have to buy it again at a full price if I want it.

Same thing, though different media.

Actually its not the same

Not even close

Sure it is. When you want a second copy of something, you don't get to receive it for free merely because you already bought it once. Whether the second copy is in another format or exactly the same, you still have to pay for it.
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Well you do get to keep the Wii version of the game. Hopefully zelda Lttp will come to Wii U's vc soon. Since many of us are getting that game now for only a few cn points the dollar upgrade isn't too bad.
Wario woods was on cn rewards only a couple of months ago and just came on the Wii U's vc.