Why do people here call games with good stories "Movies"?

#91GamersTavernPosted 11/10/2013 5:22:50 PM
The Last of Us was a pretty good movie.
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Shibi69 posted...
Do you consider adventure games such as King's Quest and Secret of Monkey Island not games? David Cage's games, Walking Dead, etc. are clearly modern interpretation of old adventure game genre. I have never heard anyone say King's Quest wasn't a game, but for some reason Heavy Rain or Beyond are not...

King's Quest games actually have puzzles that require more than a passing thought, tons of exploration, and death/mistakes are possible. There are better examples to give of "non-games" than the King's Quest. The only "puzzle" I can remember that required a semblance of brainpower from Beyond was getting through the gate in the underwater base as Aiden. 80% of Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was literally Simon Says. I don't think Heavy Rain even had puzzles outside of the virtual reality sections when attempting to piece together the crime scenes.

These "games" may modern interpretations of old adventure games, but are heavily dumbed down when compared to generations past, much like most modern games. Similarly, older FPS used to be mocked for simply being "find key, shoot badguys, find door." Nowadays, they skimp on the parts that took thought for both designers and players and went straight to "shoot badguys." Example:

And for the record, I actually liked the gameplay in TLOU, but I'm extremely desperate for anything remotely stealthy since the death of the Splinter Cell series. If you stripped out all the gameplay of TLOU, it would make a good movie (and resemble a David Cage "game" if you tossed in QTE).
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A game can have a good story and good gameplay(Bioshock 1, Last of Us)

But some games are too story oriented that pretend to be games by calling themselves "interactive"(any David Cage experience. Gone Home)
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I'm proud of this topic. Despite Sonic's best attempts at derailing it into a fanboy war and Squatch egging him on, most of this topic has been reasonable debate on what was initially intended as a bait topic.
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