Anyone knows how much I could get out of my 3DS and some games

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User Info: MarkthePhoenix

3 years ago#1
at gamestop? I'm planning to trade it in around December, since after Zelda, nothing else will interest me. Planning to put the trade in credit towards a Wii U. Already have the money for the Zelda game, so that will be included in my trade list around December. I have a

3DS standard version

Fire Emblem
Pokémon Y
Tales of the Abyss
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor
Project x Zone
Kingdom Hearts
Resident Evil Revelations
Zelda (Will get it when it releases)

User Info: Sonytendo

3 years ago#2
Probably $10

User Info: MarkthePhoenix

3 years ago#3
Sonytendo posted...
Probably $10

I can get more than that for my PSP. XD

User Info: Final_Deception

3 years ago#4
last I check you get $50 for a black 3DS, this was a week ago. games I have no idea.

if you go to you get $85-$95 for 3DS depending on the color, most newish games you get about $20 to $28. you will have to pay to ship most the time, but I think if you do a system and something like 5 games they will E-mail you a UPS label for free shipping to them.

User Info: BladeManEXE

3 years ago#5
Since you're trading in a console, I'd say you could get nearly $100 all together, but I'm mostly guessing, here.

But I don't get why you would trade in the system when it's only a couple years old and new games could be announced at any time.

User Info: superpyhron64

3 years ago#6
dont do it, there are WAY more worthwhile games on the 3ds that you dont own. dont do it'
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User Info: redxorange

3 years ago#7
I wouldnt if i were you. There's still some great games a coming. Hell the best Zelda in years is just 4 days away. But if you really want to trade it then thats your choice.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

3 years ago#8
Don't do it man. 3DS has a ****ing awesome current and upcoming library and trade-ins give you chump change.
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User Info: iphys

3 years ago#9
Sell the stuff yourself on kijiji or craigslist. You'll likely get nearly twice as much selling the stuff yourself as what Gamestop will give you.
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