wii u miis

#1sotttPosted 11/17/2013 3:26:15 AM
So here is my problem: My sister signed a bunch of miis as users without my permission.
How can i change them back?
#2GDoobahPosted 11/17/2013 5:12:41 AM
From: sottt | Posted: 11/17/2013 6:26:15 AM | #001
How can i change them back?

Change them back to what?

Do you mean delete the added Miis? You need to go to each added user profile and delete them. If your sister password protected the user profiles then you'll need the passwords.
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#3sottt(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2013 6:49:55 AM
i mean removing the user status on the miis without deleting them
#4sottt(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2013 11:35:26 PM
Please help me.
#5Thunderbird8Posted 11/17/2013 11:59:10 PM
User status? If these were added as users, then as the second post said, you'll need to delete the added profiles.
#6sottt(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2013 10:41:47 AM
so its either deleting them or keeping them as users