Favorite Nintendo franchise?

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User Info: ninjaa1

3 years ago#1
Mine happens to be LoZ, 2nd happens to be DK (specially DKC). Marios cool and all but I feel like NSMB formula is getting old and they will judt keep doing that.

I'm not gonna lie when I first played a link to the past as a kid I had no idea what it was nor did I care what I was playing. Then when I came back years later I thought it was so cool "Hey its that one monster!" But now in 2d lol

User Info: Xechs

3 years ago#2
top 5

1. Metroid
2. Advance Wars
3. Fire Emblem
4. Mario Kart
5. DK
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User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#3
probably smash. bros.
Learn this, gamers: "It's better to judge a game by the execution of what it set out to do instead of wishing it did something else" - Akito_Kinomoto

User Info: The_Rami

3 years ago#4
Currently playing: GTA V, Beyond: Two Souls, LOZ: A Link to the Past, Pokemon Y, NBA 2K13
Most Anticipated: Super Mario 3D World, LOZ: A Link Between Worlds

User Info: IreneLing

3 years ago#5
Should be Zelda.

User Info: jrb363

3 years ago#6
You need a poll.

But: Mario Tennis
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User Info: eddy_cocaine

3 years ago#7
Tied between Metroid and Zelda.

In recent years it's probably Zelda, I'm a huge side scrolling Metroid fan, the Prime games didn't do it for me. The tone in them was done well, but Metroid is and always will be best as a side scrolled for me.

Just started playing Wind Waker HD, and it's still my favorite Zelda game.
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User Info: DarkMan187

3 years ago#8
Fire Emblem.
I also love Zelda and Metroid, but Fire Emblem is my most favored.
It's dark & hell is hot.

User Info: PlaZmaReflex

3 years ago#9
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User Info: userfrigginame

3 years ago#10
Smash. It's extremely fun, and has the highest replay value out of any game franchise I've ever played.
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