Who would want a 3d mario where u travel through time?

#1DroneHunterPosted 11/17/2013 5:35:18 PM
-It would be very non-linear
-You collect gears instead of stars
-Instead of choosing which star (or gears in this case) to get, it will be like Banjo kazooie and you can just explore all u want.
-Worlds will be based off different time periods (renaissance, prehistoric, egypt).
-Question: What would u want the over world to be?
-Would you rather time traveling be a game mechanic, or a story mechanic? Feel free to explain.

Also, don't bring up partners in time.
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#2AhnoldDoodPosted 11/17/2013 5:36:37 PM
Yes. I've always wanted a GOOD Mario's Time Machine.
#3S_FoxPosted 11/17/2013 5:37:09 PM
well you see....

From: DroneHunter | #001
Also, don't bring up partners in time.

oh.....I got nothing :/
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#5donkeyjackPosted 11/17/2013 5:49:55 PM
Banjo-Kazooie was ass.

Stop bringing up that terrible game
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#6S_FoxPosted 11/17/2013 6:02:00 PM
From: donkeyjack | #005
Banjo-Kazooie was ass.

Stop bringing up that terrible game

how dare you! >:/ That game was great!
#7WildsparkPosted 11/17/2013 6:04:49 PM
Yeah, but I wouldn't want it to be a collectathon game. I want something fresh.
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#8iKhan88Posted 11/17/2013 6:06:24 PM
Mariocarina of time
Any sig ideas?
#9DroneHunter(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2013 6:09:46 PM
iKhan88 posted...
Mariocarina of time

A Peach to the past.
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#10a_fartn_SpartanPosted 11/17/2013 6:29:29 PM(edited)
Someone posted an idea about Super Mario Dimensions. They were alternate universes with maybe Luigi as the main villain. They way he made it sound was amazing; something I really wanted to play.

But the fact is we have Land, World, Galaxy, and I'd be surprised if we got anything BUT Universe. Ya know, for the Wii U.

EDIT: Found the post:

Posted 9/15/2013 6:32:48 PM

Ok, here we go. This is my idea;

Super Mario Dimensions

- Game has a hub similar to Sunshine/Galaxy/64
- The Hub would lead to 9 different worlds that are know as Dimensions
- The Dimensions would be vastly different from the others, with an exclusive boss at the end of each one
- Mario will now collect an item called Time Stars that help get the main Dimension get back to normal
- This would be the biggest Mario game with many enemies, bosses and characters included

Example of Dimensions

D1 - The World is dark and gritty. It is a post apocalyptic world where the land of Mushroom Kingdom has been take over by Bowser. You meet up with the resistance (Led by Luigi) where you team up to take on all the enemies that have taken over and wreaked havoc all over the Kingdom. You face Bowser Jr and his army in an Epic final battle.

D2 - The World of Yoshi. You arrived in Yoshi's Island where all seems to be normal. But then all the Yoshis start to disappear. You find out it is Petey Piranha who is kidnapping all the Yoshis.

D3 - The Opposite World. As soon as you arrive in this world, you are being chased all over by Toads. You manage to escape and find a hideout with several "Good Guys" hiding out. You meet up with Daisy, Toadette and others and find out that the world has been corrupted by none other than your own brother, Luigi or a.k.a. Mr. L.

D4 - Coin World. This world is filled with coins and goodies that Mario ca collect but if you are caught by the Koopa Patrol, they will chase you to no end until capture and brought the the leader, Wario.

This is just a simple rough idea of what I had in my head. It may seem good, it may suck but I think this idea would be very different from all the other Mario games. You have 8 Dimensions with the 9th being your own. You go to each Dimension, collect 8-12 Time Stars to unlock the next Dimension. The is a total of 70-100 Stars to be collected. Each Dimension is different. Yoshi Dimension will give you the ability to use and ride Yoshi. Coin Dimension will let you use the currency to purchase power-ups and items. And So forth.

Each Dimension will have a Unique Boss. I was thinking Bowser Jr., Wario, Petey Pirahna, Waluigi, Mr. L for some of the bosses.

Now again, this is just an idea of the top of my head. A game where the Mario Universe is big and most of the characters are being used as side characters, bosses or enemies. The only thing I haven't decided yet is whether or not to include multiplayer for it."
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