If Smash Bros. Wii U doesn't have online, will you still buy it?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

3 years ago#1
I wouldn't because i have no one to sit next to me to play this game with. Also, the game would get dull pretty quick, because i am playing against the same people so much. I like having the variety of random strangers online, and also because they are mostly bad (easy kills).

How about you?

User Info: RHF

3 years ago#2
Yeah, I rarely used Brawl's online feature
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User Info: Ranmaru-2

3 years ago#3
Didn't brawl have online?
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User Info: ilikepie641

3 years ago#4
I'd buy the 3DS version brand new but the Wii U version eventually used...
The online feature adds a lot of replayablility to the game and multiplayer (even offline) is very important in a fighter...
Which is why I would pick up the 3DS version to play with people I may meet with outside the home
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User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

3 years ago#5
yes cause i constantly have people over at my house.
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User Info: Kiro_nami

3 years ago#6
I'd buy the 3DS version instead.
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User Info: Movie64

3 years ago#7
No. Because a fighting game or any multiplayer game without online in this day and age is stupid. However, i highly doubt Nintendo that would happen. Hopefully it'll be better than...whatever brawl's online was.

User Info: Holy_Oblivion

3 years ago#8
yes. will probably not play online when i get it
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User Info: Kwizxx

3 years ago#9
I bought melee, so yes. Obviously it's going to have online though...here's hoping that it wont be a disaster like Brawl's wifi. Pretty sure that was an afterthought come to life in a single lunch break.

User Info: ElectricMole

3 years ago#10
The only reason i bought Brawl was because it allowed me to play my imported japanese Fatal Frame games.
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