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User Info: Traptin3days

3 years ago#1
And I mean the games, not specs, not sales. Just Wii U games. Which games do you look forward to? Smash and MK8 is a sure shot, but I am really interested to see how the new Zelda will look like, and how it will play.

Anyone that has played W101, Pikmin 3, WWHD and Game & Wario? Could you tell me your experience with it?

I am planning to buy 007 Legends to WiiU actually. Oh and X and Fire EmblemXShin Megami Tensei seems to be a blast!

How has your experience been with the WiiU games? Any you can recommend? I only have NFS: Most Wanted U, Nintendoland, New super luigi u and ZombiU as of now. And I strongly recommend NFS, it is such a great game.
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User Info: Tom_Green_II

3 years ago#2
I'm looking forward to smash, although after Brawl I'm definitely not picking up a Wii U just for it. I wish I knew someone that had a Wii U so I could try it out once it's released. I'm also hoping the online won't be complete trash this time around too.

Other than smash...... I dunno. I wish I knew more about X and SMT x FE, although I have this odd suspicion that both of them won't make it to NA.

User Info: ozfunghi

3 years ago#3
This is the Wii U board. The place where people talk about the Wii U. No need to open a topic to invite people to talk about what they're already talking about. Welcome to the world.
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