Games that are similar to old school arcade games?

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Verkins posted...
Super Mario 3D World has the original Mario Bros. arcade game, with only Luigi being a playable character.

Thanks for the heads up. I will have to save up for the game now.=)

New Link posted...
Some newer games are worth a look at if you like that style.

Not all of 'em are Wii U titles, but who cares.
Bit Trip 2
Pixel Junk (all of them)
Super Meat Boy
Torus Trooper
Geometry Wars

All of them aside from Pixel Junk are available on Wii/Wii U/Linux. The pixel junk series iirc is a ps3 exclusive.

I had heard of Geometry wars on your list before yet never really played it. I just looked it up on youtube and that looks mad awsome.=D
That's one I'll definitely get.

P-APE posted...
Pac-man museum is coming to e-shop this week which include old arcade pac-man games and new pac-man like the champion edition and Battle Royale.

That's even better, I'll get that then.=)
What day does it come out?

EDIT: Don't worry I found out the date through google. Looking forwards to it.^-^
I've decided to go retro for now.