Did you ever see the Super Mario Bros. movie?

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I was 13 when I saw it at the cinema. It was ******* horrible. That and Street Fighter with Van Damme were disappointing especially when you were a kid back then and loved those franchises.

Street Fighter was actually somewhat faithful to the characters then the Mario movie. But its Van Damme ofcorse there is going to be cheesy dialogue. I remember cracking up when he said, "I'm going to kick that son of a ***** Bison's ass so hard, that the next Bison wanna-be is gonna feel it."

Problem with SF is the made Guile the main character when everybody knows that Ryu, and somehow Ken as well, are basically the main characters in the franchise. SF was cheesy fun whereas the Super Mario lacked fun imo.

yea, but Guile and Chun-Li are the runner ups for the main characters.
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As bad as it is, you're not a Nintendo fan if you haven't seen it. Another must-see movie for Nintendo fans is "The Wizard", because it features a historic moment.
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/\ Lol no. Of course you can be a Nintendo fan an not watch them. The newer generations of Nintendo fans have probably never heard of them.
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Indeed I did and I was awfully confused.
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