One year later, your thoughts on ZombiU?

#11DarkMan187Posted 12/6/2013 4:08:56 AM
Still my favorite WiiU game. Which actually showcases how the gamepad could be used.
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#12Kromlech06Posted 12/6/2013 4:56:09 AM
It's survival horror, not an action game, ffs.
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#13DarkAdonis123Posted 12/6/2013 5:20:55 AM
It'd be a lot better if the zombies took a hit or two less to defeat.
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#14evoxpiscesPosted 12/6/2013 5:23:16 AM
I really wanted to like it, I tried it several times, and just couldn't get into it. Love the concept but just don't find it fun. A year ago, thought it was medicore and today my opinion hasn't really changed.
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#15kdognumba1Posted 12/6/2013 5:27:29 AM
It reminded me a lot of the Condemned games on 360 with the slower pacing and style of gameplay. I love the fact it really emphasizes on survival rather then being a horror themed action game. It stays true to the genre.
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#16DoomsSDPosted 12/6/2013 5:44:43 AM
I liked it. I think its a good game. I think its quite under-rated overall but it is encouraging to see that there is still a fan base for it. I think its one of those games that will have a sort of "cult" following for a few years to come.

It was nice to play a zombie game that focused on actual surviving and never once treated the enemies as massacre fodder. I mean sure, the AI wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, but these are zombies we're talking about. I like how resilient the zombies are. One zombie can be worked around, lured and melee'd. Two or three are another situation entirely. You could not afford to make a mistake or get into a "I'll just tank what they dish out and gun 'em down" mentality.

If you did screw up, you died. And the twist was- there was a consequnce. You don't simply respawn at an auto save point, no you go right back to HQ, with a different avatar and start the game with the basics. Up to you whether you risk getting your old equipment back. I also liked the idea of the optional Hard setting. One death = Game Over. If that isn't survival horror in its purest form, I don't know what is.

That said, while I loved the concept and the gameplay direction, I think that the game itself, as a campaign comes off a little half assed and the multiplayer felt like a tacked on afterthought. I'm aware that ZombiU wasn't always ZombiU, it was originally a game about Aliens or something. Anyway, at some point in development there was a massive genre shift and it kind of shows. I don't think the game feels complete, it feels like an 80% finished game that got a little bit rushed out the door to be ready for the Wii U launch.

Good game, could have been better. Shows a lot of promise, and it's a shame sales overall are so lack luster that Ubisoft aren't interested in a sequal.
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#17JobocanPosted 12/6/2013 6:16:47 AM
I think it was a very neat game, it did a lot of things very differently and was a lot more interesting than most modern "survival" "horror" games, by virtue of actually BEING a survival horror game. I'm not a big survival horror fan myself so I didn't play it all the way through, but what I did play I found to be quite enjoyable.

People who don't like it tend to be people who wanted another crappy zombie shoot 'em up rather than a legit horror title.
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#18The_HyphenatorPosted 12/6/2013 7:17:48 AM
It has its flaws, but overall I think it's a really good game. It captures the "zombie survival" feel better than just about any other game I've played, it requires careful, methodical planning, and it has some really awesome mechanics with the Gamepad. It's also extremely hard (so hard, in fact, that I may never beat it), but it's hard for the right reasons.

Bottom line, it's an excellent title, and didn't deserve all the flak it got from reviewers who went in expecting CoD: Zombies.