Funniest game you've played?

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User Info: Nath1343

3 years ago#1
Okay so it's my birthday today (19, what a boring age to be haha) and I got Wind Waker and Lego City: Undercover both of which I had subtly asked for. So I decided to play Lego City first and an hour or so in, this game is absolutely hilarious and I have genuinely lol'd at least 10 times already :D

So my question to all you gamers is, what are the funniest games you've ever played?
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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

3 years ago#2
borderlands 2
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User Info: lgi

3 years ago#3
Recently, GTA 5. I loved the Life Invader stuff, the zombie from Vinewood, and other things. Drake from Uncharted is hilarious also, reminds me of Nathan Fillion.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

3 years ago#5
The Phoenix Wright series is very funny. Gets funnier the more you grow to the characters as well and there's a good amount of suspense/drama as well, which really helps.

If you want a game that will make people's jaw drop and make them laugh... play the Cho Aniki game for the Playstation with some friends.
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In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: LifelessBoy

3 years ago#6
Portal 2. GT: YFAL Putipuelko - PSN: LifelessFather - Steam ID: YFAL_Putipuelko

User Info: Bloodychess

3 years ago#7

The novelty wears off though
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User Info: random_man9119

3 years ago#8
Lately? Saints Row IV... It's very dirty/immature humor... But good lord it has its moments...

Before that, probably Borderlands 2...
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#9
Timesplitters series. Having a deathmatch with the 'classic' characters, (elvis, gbread man, duckman, badass cyborg) and explosives never gets old.

User Info: GuyFawkes5

3 years ago#10
Conker's Bad Fur Day an South Park on N64, Duke Nukem Forever, Saints Row The Third
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