Birdo better be back in MK8

#1PhoenixRushPosted 12/18/2013 9:41:10 AM
Especially since the loathed baby characters are returning.
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#2Vlugge_JapiePosted 12/19/2013 2:50:20 AM
He is one of my fave characters since his existence causes Internet gender outrage.
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#3Emerald_MeliosPosted 12/19/2013 3:01:42 AM
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Both can know of love's grace....
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#4NovaLevossidaPosted 12/19/2013 3:04:01 AM
I'd rather have Poison if we're getting a character to fill that... role.
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#5GencoilPosted 12/19/2013 3:25:25 AM
I was really disappointed to see the baby characters return, they're so pointless! Why not save those slots for more unique characters?
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