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eShop Downloads 11/20 - Smash, Pokemon, DK: King of Swing, Watch_Dogs
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TheZuperHero1911/20 4:18PM
Is anybody here NOT getting the GC adapted and controller?
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ajm5875811/20 4:16PM
WiiU is gonna get destroyed this Holiday Season.
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oasisbeyond1111/20 4:11PM
Club Nintendo ringtonesVanderZoo811/20 4:07PM
What are your 10 favorite games on your favorite Nintendo console?
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DuranManII1311/20 3:40PM
An open letter to Nintendo from a concerned consumer
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Goombacrusher1211/20 3:37PM
How about a Pikmin style Mario game with Toads as Pikmin? (Poll)gilgamesh211011/20 3:36PM
I know this game has been getting a lot of hate but I gotta ask..... (Poll)
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Project Mayhem1311/20 3:36PM
I'm thinking of getting a Wii U, have some questionsTonyX17511/20 3:35PM
I hope Capt.Toad leads to Zelda and Metroid styled sequels.gilgamesh21711/20 3:35PM
What time can we Download smash?
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SILENTGHOSTS961511/20 3:13PM
I don't get the problem with Wii U virtual console
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I_Am_Fire1511/20 3:12PM
Best wireless router for Wii U on-line gaming?Grizzmeister1011/20 3:06PM
Can #you use @Real Gamecube_Wii U controller adapter on your PC?pipebomb__sushi511/20 2:53PM
If Pacman for the Atari was released today.
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jstewart011211/20 2:18PM
What Wii games should I get?
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gordanchoong1811/20 1:55PM
X-Bone thanking early purchasers with lots of freebies...(Year 1 anniversary)
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Cubfan0825211/20 1:21PM
Gamepad unable to connect to WiiU even when sitting on top of the consoleMachEvolution411/20 1:03PM
internal hard drive issue?rvd42387511/20 12:45PM
So I just received an email that my smash preorder in R us is delayed...felipin24411/20 12:39PM