Wii u was the first time nin copied a competitor

#1Stillmatic80Posted 12/20/2013 4:42:50 PM
Usually they innovate, but they gave in to the very thing they said was no competition. The explosion of smartphones and tablets.

The gamepad is single handedly throwing off customers. While no means a bad thing, the majority of the public do seem confused.
#2arvilinoPosted 12/20/2013 4:45:41 PM(edited)
WiiU development started just after the Wii was finished as with all Nintendo consoles. The Gamepad was likely a concept before tablets even started to really appear in the market and was more likely a development due to the success of the DS.
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You're right, TC. Most tablets and smart phones have control sticks and trigger buttons and are reliant on a main body, like a computer can have a monitor and tower.
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I don't know... N&B Blocks were pretty much a blatant copy of Lego. Just made a little rounder and cuter for Japanese tastes.
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lol at anybody thinking it's a tablet...
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Nintendo actually planned the gamepad for the original Wii...
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So in 2004, the second screen concept of the DS was a tablet ripoff? Geez opened my eyes.

....oh wait.
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I remember Nintendo talking about how they experimented with a second screen for the Wii, and then decided against it because they wanted to make sure their home console was new and unique compared to their handheld.
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It's not a Tablet TC, hell if anything Nintendo simply copied themselves because the Wii U is basically a console version of the DS.
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