Digital Foundry comparisons between PS4 and PC prove Wii U is next gen

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DiscostewSM posted...
steveboblarry posted...
Wow the disillusionment on this board astounds me

I know. So many people saying Wii U is dead clearly are living under a rock.

I would say its on life support but not dead, It could pull a rocky balboa
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The Need for Speed series is held back on PC to run similar to how it does on consoles, that just means the PC version is not allowed to reach its full potential not that the consoles are just as powerful as PCs. The undeniable facts are that high end PCs are the most powerful gaming machines, the PS4 is the most powerful console and the Wii U is the least powerful console in the new generation.
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Just watched both the videos, not bad at all.
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steveboblarry posted...
Wow the disillusionment on this board astounds me

jimmies = rustled
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Kenaue posted...
So... You're saying a game released last year looks as good as a game released this year.....

No, he isn't. He's saying a game released last year on Wii U looks about as good as its PC counterpart, while a game released this year on PS4 ALSO looks about as good as its PC counterpart, thereby meaning their separation from PC's is about the same.
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It's obviously next gen, or rather current gen (PS4/X1/Wii U). Can't believe people think other wise.

However, graphically it's definitely not next gen.

I can tell you straight up, almost all the PS4 games I've seen coming in the future destroy anything I've seen the PS3/360 or Wii U can do.

Fanboys will be in denial and claim other wise, but truth be told, the Wii U can't possibly handle the true next gen games, which we will be seeing within next year to 2015, unless there's a severely lower resolution version.

Graphics aren't important but if you want to go that route, then every upcoming PS4 game looks like a winner.

The Order: 1886
Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts

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Final Fantasy XV alone convinced me that the WiiU isn't next gen while the PS 4 is.
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Yes, this information is clearly final based on one video game and one video game alone.

Shall we have a look at what some of the Xbox 360 Titles looked like at launch? Because they certainly looked like PS2 Era stuff back then as well.
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