What if Iwata or Reggie was female?

#11DKCFANPosted 12/24/2013 7:22:25 AM
There would be red and pink Wii U's out there if they were female.
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Every early Metroid game would've been like Metroid Other M.

BUT! Instead of Metroid Other M's release a few years ago, we would've gotten Super Metroid!!!
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Pyroserge posted...
Elias03R posted...
Reggie with boobs? Disgusting.... His body would be definately ready.

He has moobs.
Yeah... we kinda have "reggie with boobs" already.
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We had a female Reggie. Her name was Cammy Dunaway.
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Prince Shondronai posted...
We had a female Reggie. Her name was Cammy Dumaway.

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