Nice going guys.

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1 year ago#1
I get home from work and I want to download Mutant Mudds Deluxe before it's no longer on sale and find out everyone who got a Wii U today broke the eshop, Mutant Mudds better still be on sale when the eshop goes back up.
Nintendo Network ID: MegaManPrime.
There's no emoticon for what I'm feeling.
1 year ago#2
I have a feeling they'll extend the sales to make up for the fact their network is down.
1 year ago#3
It was a sign. Mutant Mudds is horrible.
Mega Man Powered Up is the best PSP exclusive and you know it.
I do not support homosexuality in any way.
1 year ago#4
you take that back, I have it on the ads and it's fun
1 year ago#5
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  3. Nice going guys.

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